What we offer and how we can help

  • Our advice is free and we can advise you on every available and suitable debt solution
  • We work with a range of authorised and regulated partners to help you to get the assistance you require
  • We can help to write off up to 80% of your debt if you are eligible, arrange one single affordable payment, and stop unwanted creditor hassle. Get your life back on track today!

Debts we can help with

The types of debts that can be included in most debt solutions include unsecured debts such as:

  • personal loans
  • credit cards
  • payday loans
  • utility bills
  • overdrafts
  • benefit overpayments

If you have secured or priority debts such as mortgage arrears, rent arrears, council tax arrears and court fines (as well as unsecured debts) we can provide advice on how to deal with these, and will usually reserve a part of your budget in order for you to repay the secured debts.

What we can offer you

Here at Pareto Money Limited, we offer completely free, impartial debt advice and can discuss with you a number of different, available solutions; some you will have inevitably heard of and some you may not. Here are just some of the services we provide:

Debt Management Plan

Flexible plan for you

  • One monthly payment
  • Only pay what you can afford
  • Aim to stop interest and charges
  • Stop unwanted calls and letters
Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Debt free within 5 years

  • Debt write off up to 80%
  • One monthly payment
  • Set time to debt freedom
  • Min. debt of £7,000 required
Debt Relief Order

Fresh financial start

  • Debt free in 12 months
  • No more contact from creditors
  • Interest and charges stopped
  • Assets will not be protected

We can also advise you on every debt solution including Bankruptcy, Trust Deeds, Sequestration, Administration Orders, Consolidation Loans and Self-Help Plans, irrespective of whether we offer the services in-house, via one of our trusted authorised partners, through an unrelated organisation or doing it yourself directly with your creditors.

Why choose us?

We completely understand how difficult it can be to discuss debts and your financial burdens with a total stranger however we have so much industry experience, we guarantee that you will be glad you reached out.

We have a team of expert debt advisors who will listen to your worries and concerns and who will genuinely help you to move forward with your debts with confidence by offering you practical and useful debt advice. We will pair you with trusted debt help providers, should that be necessary, based on your compatibility and personal circumstances.

We work with a range of industry partners, which means that not only can we offer comprehensive advice on every debt solution, unlike many of our competitors that only focus on IVAs, but we can also seamlessly put you in contact with specialist that can relieve your financial worries without delay.

How it works

If you’re finding payments hard to maintain, you’re worried about legal action and bailiffs or you just want an easier, stress-free approach to your debts – we can help. We provide confidential, specialist advice and can help you with a tailored debt programme – and this assessment is completely FREE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

None! There are absolute zero costs to you completing an assessment through Pareto Money. Pareto may receive a referral fee from a debt solution provider but only if the solution is right for you.
It’s really easy; we just need to run through a quick call to better understand your circumstances and advise you further. All of our advisors have years of experience to make this call as easy and stress-free as possible. We should be able to obtain all of your creditor information, and can also access bank statements to make things quicker.
We have options available for every situation and will ensure our advice is tailored to your needs – even if this means handing you over to a service such as MoneyHelper who can advise you on certain things that we are unable to.
Usually around half an hour. Should you be eligible for, and decide to pursue a solution with our help, we have systems in place that can provide us with a lot of the supporting documentation (such as credit reports and bank statements) needed instantly – so no need to wait! We will then schedule a convenient time for you to speak with our preferred solutions partner who will finalise the process.

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